Exporting & Importing Oracle Data Miner (11gR2) Workflows

Uli Bethke July 13, 2011

As with all development environments there will be need to move your code from one schema to another or from one database to another. With Oracle Data Miner 11gR2, we have the same requirement. In our case it is not just individual procedures or packages, we have a workflow consisting of a number of nodes. ...

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Good Oracle Data Mining Link & Book

Uli Bethke November 3, 2009

The following link is a good resource giving details of various aspects of Oracle Data Mining. It is by BC Consulting.http://www.dba-oracle.com/data_mining/ There is also a link to a book on Oracle Data Miner which covers the version of ODM for 10g, but some of the material in the book also applies for the 11g version. ...

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Competitive Business Intelligence: web scraping with Oracle.

Uli Bethke January 6, 2009

In my opinion, one of the trends for Business Intelligence in 2009 (and the years to come) will be the integration of externally available data (data not found within the organisation itself, e.g. data in magazines, the web, libraries etc.) into the data warehouse and into an organisation’s business processes. Using BI to monitor the ...

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