The evolution of cloud data warehousing

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Let’s have a look at the evolution of cloud data warehousing. It’s hard to believe, but just a few years ago all data warehouses were run on-premise. Some of them on expensive and highly engineered MPP appliances. Very fast. Not cheap. Smaller data warehouses would run on relational databases such as Oracle or SQL Server, which had been originally engineered ...

Snowflake date and time dimension

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Here is a simple SQL script that will generate a date dimension in Snowflake. We are using the built-in GENERATOR and SEQ function. Start date for the dimension is 2017-01-01.


Build a Predictive Model on Snowflake in 1 day with Xpanse AI

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Intro “Building a Churn Model is at least 3 months of work” You are the Data Analytics Manager and you have successfully implemented your cloud data warehouse on Snowflake. Great news! You deserve a pat on the back 🙂 Thanks to Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing you can easily identify problems in your business. For instance, your shiny new dashboards ...

Converting IRS Form 990 XML to text and Excel

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In 2016, the IRS released data in electronic form to the nonprofit sector. Each of these files, contains data about nonprofit finance and more. You can get all that data from Amazon Web Services ( AWS). Researchers could now analyze data without time and the cost-consuming process of converting paper records to digital records by manual data entry or Optical ...