The Data Marketplace. A missing piece in modern data architecture

Uli Bethke September 25, 2020

What is a Data Marketplace? Data Marketplaces are a relatively recent phenomenon in data management. They bring together providers and buyers of data. Organisations were able to buy data from third parties in the past. However, Data Marketplaces make it significantly easier to find and buy data. They also cut out the middleman and bring ...

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Snowflake Data Marketplace: UK Administrative Boundaries  

Uli Bethke September 15, 2020

Overview We have published administrative boundary data for the UK on the Snowflake data marketplace. In this blog post we document what you need to know about the data including the data model and sample queries. Reach out to us if you have a requirement for administrative boundaries from other countries. Administrative boundary data covers ...

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Snowflake Snowsight: 7 refreshing features

Dan Galavan July 16, 2020

Overview: With the acquisition of Numeracy in March 2019, Snowflake took a step towards enhancing the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform web user experience. This is in the form of a new offering called Snowflake Snowsight. Not only does Snowsight provide features such as automatic contextual statistics, script version history, and custom filtering, but also data ...

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Querying hierarchical data in Snowflake

Uli Bethke July 4, 2020

Overview Having the right tools for the job makes the life of a data engineer a lot easier. It is also more fun to work with a platform that has support for a wide variety of use cases. More importantly it also has a direct impact on the productivity of data engineers, which is reflected ...

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