Medvault Success Story – Primary Healthcare Analytics on the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform

Dan Galavan June 29, 2020

Overview: MedVault, an organization offering data management services in primary healthcare, identified the need for a platform which would help their clients to really unlock the value of their data. This required a scalable, compliant, and secure analytics platform which would monitor and measure healthcare practice performance across thousands of data points, identify patient cohorts ...

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Snowflake for real time streaming. Change Data Capture with Qlik Replicate

Uli Bethke June 12, 2020

Overview In this two part series on streaming with the Snowflake Data Platform, we use Snowflake for real time analytics. In part one, we use Qlik Replicate to identify changes to source data and replicate the changes to Snowflake in real time including change data for an audit trail. In part two, we show how ...

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The Snowflake data platform for data engineering, data preparation, and ETL

Uli Bethke May 28, 2020

Overview Did you know that the Snowflake data platform is the perfect fit for ETL, data integration, and data preparation tasks? In this blog post we will give you some hands-on advice on how you can use Snowflake as an ETL engine for data preparation. Let’s take this common scenario as an example: Your company ...

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Converting OSCRE IDM to Snowflake

Uli Bethke May 3, 2020

In this post we will guide you through the easiest way of processing your XML data to a relational format on Snowflake . We will be using Flexter as a Service (FaaS) to process the OSCRE Real Estate Industry Data Model (IDM) XML. FaaS follows a monthly subscription model. Flexter is available in three editions. ...

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