Converting and analysing Rugby JSON data to Oracle Data Visualization Desktop

Published on May 22, 2018
Updated on June 6, 2024

Here is another post that will show how you can work with the output from Flexter to analyse your data. In this post we will show you how to convert complex JSON files to Oracle Data Visualization Desktop.

Oracle Data Visualization Desktop

Oracle Data Visualization Desktop is a competing product to Tableau and PowerBI. It makes it easy to visualize and analyse your data.

Processing JSON file

We will be processing JSON file with information about some of the best Rugby players, and will show you which ones are the heaviest comparing to their height. For this demonstration we will be using the Docker version of Enterprise Flexter. Get in touch if you would like to try out the Flexter Docker version.

  • In a first step we start Enterprise Flexter

  • Next we generate the Locigal Schema ID

The result will be similar to below:

  • Next we convert the JSON data to CSV files

The result will be similar to below:


Visualizing data

Next we analyze and visualise the converted JSON data. We start Oracle Data Visualization Desktop, and select to Create a Project.

  • We select “Create Data Set”

  • Then we chose to upload the file

  • Next we go to our output dir, and select to upload csv file from athletes folder

  • When data is uploaded, we select “Add” button at top right corner

  • Then we drag and drop the data elements around

  • And we are done. We can see our data in nice line visualization

Wow that Thomas Francis is a big guy.


In this post, we have shown you to convert complex JSON to CSV and then analyze the CSV files with Oracle Visualisation Desktop.

If you are interested in Enterprise Flexter feel free to contact us.