Dimensional Modeling and Kimball Data Marts in the Age of Big Data and Hadoop

Uli Bethke May 15, 2017

Update 29-May-2018: The purpose of this article is threefold (1) Show that we will always need a data model (either done by humans or machines) (2) Show that physical modelling is not the same as logical modelling. In fact it is very different and depends on the underlying technology. We need both though. I illustrated ...

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Introduction to star schemas and dimensional modeling concepts.

Uli Bethke October 16, 2010

I recently came across two excellent papers that give an introduction to star schemas and dimensional modeling. The two papers have a unique anlgle in that they apply a rule based approach to transform transactional ER models to dimensional models. In the words of the authors: “An ER model can be transformed into a set ...

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