Can you help us liberate the data?

Vadim Mytarev Flexter, XML, XSD

Can you help us liberate data from awkward data formats by filling out a short survey? At Sonra we have already automated the conversion of XML and JSON to a database, text, or Hadoop. We are now looking for the next data format to liberate. Have you come across a data format that gives you the heebie jeebies? Yes? Then ...

eGloo Tech and Sonra enter exclusive ANZ partnership for specialist big data ETL solution Flexter.

Uli Bethke Flexter, XML

Flexter transforms complex XML structures and dramatically accelerates processing of vast data sets, liberating previously unavailable data. eGloo Technologies, a Sydney based IT service provider and software developer, has entered into agreement with Sonra Intelligence, a Dublin headquartered big data specialist, to act as exclusive partner in Australia and New Zealand for Flexter, Sonra’s distributed big data solution for XML ETL (extract, ...

Flexter Enterprise XML Converter - FAQ

Vadim Mytarev Flexter, XML

Which data formats apart from XML also give you the heebie jeebies and need to be liberated? Please leave a comment below or reach out to us.

Flexter XML Converter V2 Released

Uli Bethke Flexter

We have released V2 of our powerful enterprise XML converter Flexter Data Liberator. You can now process XML files without the need for a separate XSD. Under the hood, Flexter samples the submitted XML files and based on statistics derives a schema. In combination with the optimisation features we are able to generate an ultra compact target schema. As of ...

Converting and Analysing EU Tender data in XML with Flexter and Dataiku DSS

Uli Bethke Dataiku, Flexter, XML

TED: EU tender notices in XML The European Union publishes public procurement contracts across the EU and EEA on a daily basis. The raw data is made available in XML and can be downloaded from the Tenders Electronic Daily FTP servers. In this tutorial we will see how the Flexter XML parser works hand in hand with Dataiku’s data science ...