SQL Quiz: Win two e-books (Essbase & BPEL)

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We'll do something completely different today and have a quiz. And you can even win something. Thanks to the guys at Packt Publishing I have two e-books to giveaway. Oracle Essbase 9 Implementation Guide and Business Process Execution Language for Web Services When you visit their website make sure to have a look at their free section. They are always ...

TIME dimension script Oracle

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Date dimension script with Oracle SQL

Uli Bethke ETL, Oracle, SQL for Analysis

The script below will create a date dimension in just one SQL statement. We don't use performance-killer nonsense such as cursors, functions etc. We just pick a start date and the number of days we want to create and with a bit of magic of the Connect By clause and the NUMTODSINTERVAL function we do the whole thing in 14 ...

CSV to Rows

Uli Bethke SQL for Analysis

I recently needed to convert a comma separated list of values in a table column to a column where each value in the list gets its own row in a table. So first of all let's create such a table. I have limited the number of comma separated values that will be created to 12. View Listing 1 To convert ...