Data integration, ETL, and data quality with Google Refine 2.0

December 6, 2010

On 10 November, Google announced Google Refine 2.0. The tool is open source.
It has some advanced data quality and data transformation functionality. But nothing really we haven’t seen before. However, where the tool really shines is in the area of data augmentation. The tool ships with pre-defined data augmentation services that automate the process of reconciling and augmenting your data. Currently, there is only one such service that plugs into the Freebase movie database, but I can clearly see the potential here.
However, performance of the tools seems to be very poor. No surprise here as it is a client based tool.
Worthwhile checking out.
Watch the videos on YouTube
Google Refine 2.0 – Introduction
Google Refine 2.0 – Data Transformation
Google Refine 2.0 – Data Augmentation