Data Warehouse 3.0. A Reference Architecture for the Modern Data Warehouse.

Uli Bethke December 9, 2021

Reference data architecture for data management and analytics. An introduction. I frequently come across data architecture diagrams that are riddled with vendor names, tools, and technologies. Tools and technologies have a place in data architecture but it is not a primary role. It is more of a support act than the main act. First and ...

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Using Virtual Data Marts the right way

Uli Bethke May 26, 2021

Virtual data marts can be a useful design pattern but there are a few things you should know before you use them. Virtual data marts are logical views modeled dimensionally on top of an integration layer or a persisted staging area. Don’t confuse them with data virtualisation or data federation. Virtual data marts are built ...

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The Secrets to Unlocking XML Data in an Optimised Format for Downstream Users

Uli Bethke January 22, 2021

All the data in the world is not worth much unless you can use it. That means it must be intelligible, readable, and analysable. Organisations spend huge resources on data warehousing projects that attempt to wrestle with the data, in order to get it into a format that makes sense to those who must analyse ...

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Cloud Data Warehouse Consultant

Uli Bethke January 14, 2021

Cloud Data Warehouse Consultant Sonra is looking for a cloud data warehouse consultant Join our growing team of the best data experts on the planet Work on data warehouse projects in Ireland, EMEA, North America, Asia (remote) The position is permanent and full time (Ireland or Poland) Starting asap What you will do: You will ...

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