Big Data 2.0 and Agile BI all at Irish BI OUG (24 September).

August 16, 2014

I will give a presentation on 24 September at the Jury’s Inn in Dublin on the next generation of Big Data 2.0 tools and architecture.
Over the last two years there have been significant changes and improvements in the various Big Data frameworks. With the release of Yarn (Hadoop 2.0) the most popular of these platforms now allows you to run mixed workloads. Gone are the days when Hadoop was only good for batch processing. We can now ingest and query data in realtime, run distributed versions of various machine learning algorithms, analyse social graphs, and do Enterprise Search. What exactly are these tools and how will they impact Enterprise Information Architecture over the next couple of years? What does Oracle offer in this space? These are the three questions we will answer in this session.
Lawrence Corr, author of best selling book Agile Data Warehouse Design will give a presentation about Agile BI.
Get the detailed agenda and register at the UKOUG website.
Hope to see you there.