Visualising XMLs and XSDs of common data standards using Flexter

Anvesh Gali November 7, 2017

Extensible Markup Language has become the norm for data transmission and other data related activities in a majority of organizations. XMLs provide developers with a flexible platform to configure and correlate data attributes based upon the product structure and requirement. For different domains, there are various types of XML file formats that are in use. ...

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Convert XML Metadata of Tableau Workbooks (TWB) to Text

Anvesh Gali October 31, 2017

In this walkthrough, we will demonstrate the processing of tableau workbooks using Flexter. We will then load the output into Tableau to get an under the hood view of the metadata contained inside Tableau Workbooks. This is useful e.g. to identify which tables, metrics, and columns are used in a particular worksheet or dashboard. About ...

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Convert MISMO XML to Hive and Parquet

Anvesh Gali October 17, 2017

In this walkthrough, we will convert the MISMO (The Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization) XML files to Parquet and query in Hive. The XML files are converted to Parquet using the enterprise version of Flexter. The enterprise version provides users with numerous additional features which aren’t available on the free version of Flexter (try for ...

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Let's talk Kafka Streams

Anvesh Gali September 18, 2017

Look Ma, no Code! Building Streaming Data Pipelines with Apache Kafka, Robin Moffatt, Technology Evangelist, Confluent Companies new and old are all recognising the importance of a low-latency, scalable, fault-tolerant data backbone, in the form of the Apache Kafka streaming platform. With Kafka, developers can integrate multiple sources and systems, which enables low latency analytics, ...

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