Utilizing Help Files in OBIEE

August 11, 2010

Hi all, my name is Helena Bennett and I am currently working in the BI space as a Business Analyst, I came across help files recently and thought I would put together a “how to”….
What are They?
In OBIEE help files are .htm files which are used to help users to better understand report content. They can assist with user training of new reports as they can describe any logic contained in the report for example filters which isn’t obvious from looking at the report. They can also describe the attributes and measures displayed on the report and any other report specific information.
How do you create them?
To create a help file you need to do the following:
1. Create a .htm file which contains the content of your help file
2. Save it to the following location: …appres
3. Point to the help file location from the report
Click on the edit button in the Title section of the report
Edit Title
Then enter the path and name of your help file:
Help URL
How to you access them?
When the report is displayed there will be a ‘?’ in the title as shown below
Help Icon
Clicking on this will display the help file for that report
Sample Help File
Give them a go – users will love them!