ODI 11g in a Services Oriented Architecture. Part IV. Consuming a SOAP OBIEE web service using ODI 11g

Uli Bethke September 25, 2012

Get our e-books Discover the Oracle Data Integrator 11g Repository Data Model and Oracle Data Integrator Snippets and Recipes This post completes our series on using ODI in a web services environment. In part one of this series (Oracle Data Integrator in a Services Oriented Architecture) I had laid the groundwork and explained the basics of a SOA ...

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OBIEE 11g Repository Documentation: Extracting metadata from the RPD

Uli Bethke March 8, 2012

With OBIEE 11g there are two methods to extract metadata from the RPD. The first one uses the admintool.exe command to generate metadata. It was already around in OBIEE 10g. However, the syntax has changed slightly. The second uses the biserverxmlgen command. Admintool This is an unsupported and undocumented feature. Use at your own risk. ...

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Time series in OBIEE. Analytic functions and range window as an alternative to OBIEE AGO function.

Uli Bethke June 1, 2011

All intellectual credit for this post goes to my colleague Maciek Kocon. I am simply documenting this. We had some performance issues recently using the OBIEE AGO function for time series and month ago reporting. While there are solutions out there using the lag functionality we had two issues with these (1) They don’t cater ...

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Looking for ODI and OBIEE developers (permanent and/or contract), Dublin Ireland

Uli Bethke April 20, 2011

What is this about? You will be working in the best data warehouse team in Ireland. Greenfield site. Proper Enterprise Data Warehouse. No shortcuts taken. Agile development approach. What you need to bring to the table Excellent SQL skills Good Oracle DBA knowledge Good knowledge of ODI (10g/11g) and/or OBIEE (10g/11g) You must have worked ...

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