Window Functions (aka Analytic Functions) in Spark.

Uli Bethke July 3, 2015

As of Spark 1.4.0 we now have support for window functions (aka analytic functions) in SparkSQL. At Sonra we are heavy users of SparkSQL to handle data transformations for structured data. We also use it in combination with cached RDDs and Tableau for business intelligence and visual analytics. [big_data_promotion] Spark SQL and Window Functions: The ...

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Time series in OBIEE. Analytic functions and range window as an alternative to OBIEE AGO function.

Uli Bethke June 1, 2011

All intellectual credit for this post goes to my colleague Maciek Kocon. I am simply documenting this. We had some performance issues recently using the OBIEE AGO function for time series and month ago reporting. While there are solutions out there using the lag functionality we had two issues with these (1) They don’t cater ...

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ODI and analytic functions (again???)

Uli Bethke May 20, 2010

Get our e-books Discover the Oracle Data Integrator 11g Repository Data Model and Oracle Data Integrator Snippets and Recipes My friend and colleague Maciej Kocon has come up with the following trick. Rather than use a user defined function to implement an analytic function such as MAX() OVER or SUM() OVER as suggested by note ...

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Downloading, Setting Up & Running Oracle Data Miner

Uli Bethke March 8, 2010

As the awareness of Oracle Data Miner increases so does the interest in trying out and playing with Oracle Data Miner (ODM). The following set of instructions steps you through what is required to download and install the database, configure a data mining user in the database, populate the data mining user with some data. ...

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