ODI 11g standalone agent as a windows service

Published on November 19, 2010

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In the documentation for ODI 11g you can read that you need Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server (OPMN) to create your standalone agent as a windows service.
OPMN is not available as a standalone install but is installed as part of Web Tier, Oracle Portal, Forms, Reports, and Discoverer Installation, Oracle Identity Management Installation.
I know you are gonna ask me: So what about ODI 11g? Well, after some digging and an SR I found out that even though the ODI 11g documentation mentions OPMN it does not ship with ODI.
As part of the SR, Oracle support has submitted an enhancement request on my behalf. So hopefully, there will be some sort of a solution to this problem.
So what are your options in the meantime.
If you are lucky and have one of the above applications licensed you can leverage OPMN off them.
If you are not so lucky you can still use the old wrapper method to create your agent as a windows service. However, the license terms for the Java Service Wrapper have changed. It used to be open source software. Not so any more. As per Oracle support that is the reason why this does not ship with ODI anymore. You can download a free trial of the Tanuki Java Service Wrapper from their website.
Let’s hope that Oracle sort out this issue soon.
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