Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 11g SDK code samples

September 11, 2010

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The absolute highlight of ODI 11g is the new SDK. From now on there is really nothing that can not be automated or achieved with ODI. This is just fantastic news for everyone fortunate enough to work with ODI 11g. The best ETL tool on the planet got even better.
The SDK together with the declarative design approach (Knowledge Modules) and ELT allows us to achieve the vision of an integration factory described by (ironically) some of the Informatica executives in their book Lean Integration. Truly the first post-modern ETL tool. Those of you who have read US-Austrian philosopher Paul Feyerabend’s tract on scientific method Anything Goes will know what I mean.
So where can you find out more about this great new feature?
First of all, there is the Java API reference
Then there are some ODI 11g SDK code samples on the Oracle code samples website. Log on to the site and then go to Code Samples > Data Integration et voilá.