Creating ODM Schemas & Repository for ODM 11g R2

Uli Bethke May 28, 2011

Before you can start using the Oracle Data Miner features that are now available in SQL Developer 3, there are a few steps you need to perform. This post will walk you through these steps and I have put together a video which goes into more detail. The video is available on my YouTube channel. ...

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Guest Post: Can Database Developers do Data Mining ?

Uli Bethke May 11, 2011

I was recently invited by Sandro Saitta, who runs the Data Mining Research blog (, to write a guest blog post for him. The topic for this guest post was Can Database Developers do Data Mining ? The original post is available at – Can Database Developers do Data Mining – Here is the main ...

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2010 Rexer Analytics Data Mining Survey

Uli Bethke March 4, 2011

The Rexer Analytics 4th Annual Rexer Analytics Data Miner Survey for 2010 is now available. 735 data miners participated in the 2010 survey. The main highlights of the survey are: • FIELDS & GOALS: Data miners work in a diverse set of fields. CRM / Marketing has been the #1 field in each of the ...

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10 Reasons you really need predictive analytics

Uli Bethke February 4, 2010

SPSS have recently posted and article called “10 Reasons you really need predictive analytics“. I thought it would be interesting to post the main points from this article to illustrate that not all predictive analytic projects involve Data Mining, but involve a number of different techniques and looking the the business data in a different ...

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