New Oracle Data Mining tool video

Uli Bethke February 16, 2011

Charlie Berger has recently put together a video demonstrating the new Oracle Data Mining tool. The link to this video is The video gives a demonstration of some of the main stepts in building and applying a classification model. He also demonstrates applying classification to the same data. The new ODM interface is due ...

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Data Mining Videos

Uli Bethke December 24, 2010

Following on from my previous posting on online Data Mining books, this post contains links to some Data Mining videos that are available online on on my website. Future of Baseball CBC News Data Mining Resource page The New Data Economy Data Mining in Games Microsoft: Get Started with Data Mining Oracle Data Mining – ...

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Online Data Mining Books

Uli Bethke December 11, 2010

Recently a new online Data Mining resource/Book was made available by Dr. Saed Sayad at University of Tronoto. He has developed a very good and clear to follow online book on the various parts of a data mining project in in particular the various techniques. It also follows the CRISP-DM process. More online books ...

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Growing need for IT people with Analytical and/or Data Mining Skills

Uli Bethke December 1, 2010

Dispite the current economic conditions we have been enduring for the past couple of years, there is one type of IT job that is seeing an increase in demand.  This is in the area of data analytics and data mining.  In the last couple of days Accenture has announced that they are setting up a ...

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