Converting and Analysing EU Tender data in XML with Flexter and Dataiku DSS

Uli Bethke Dataiku, Flexter, XML

TED: EU tender notices in XML The European Union publishes public procurement contracts across the EU and EEA on a daily basis. The raw data is made available in XML and can be downloaded from the Tenders Electronic Daily FTP servers. In this tutorial we will see how the Flexter XML parser works hand in hand with Dataiku’s data science ... in Dataiku DSS Web App

Vadim Mytarev Big Data, Dataiku

Dataiku DSS and JS ( in DSS WebAPP) What is JS? is a high-level charting library, JS built on top of D3.js. It ships with 20 chart types, like a basic charts (e.g. line, bar, scatter, pie, heat maps) as well as 3D charts and SVG maps. Charts are described declaratively as JSON objects and are ...

Analysing the Irish Jobs Market with Dataiku DSS and

Uli Bethke Dataiku,

Getting value from your data is not a straightforward process. One of the secrets is to have a platform in place that allows you to quickly prototype data applications. In this two part series we are going to perform some data discovery on the Irish jobs market. We will use the popular service to ingest a relevant dataset and ...