Flexter Walkthrough with Demo

Flexter is Sonra’s ETL tool for XML and JSON. It automates the conversion of complex XML or JSON to a database, text, or Hadoop.

We run a walkthrough of Flexter with a demo every second Wednesday where we introduce Flexter, show you how it works, give answers to common questions, run a demo, and give you the opportunity to ask questions yourself.

  • Overview

    Do you have a background in data warehousing, business intelligence or relational databases?
    Are you about to embark on a big data journey and need vendor neutral advice?
    Do you want to learn more about how you can benefit from big data concepts and technologies but also want to understand the limitations?
    Then this training course is for you.


    Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Professionals
    Data Warehouse Managers
    Data Warehouse Architects
    ETL Developers
    Data Warehouse Project Managers

    On-site in EMEA. Webinar world-wide.

    700 Euros for individuals
    3,000 Euros for groups of up to 15 participants

    Don’t miss the opportunity to understand Big Data and became Data Warehouse professional. Register today!
  • Agenda

    Big Data Concepts
    What is Big Data?
    Big Data and the Enterprise Data Warehouse

    Data Warehousing on Distributed Relational Databases (MPP)
    Massively Parallel Processing & Shared Nothing Architecture
    Data Distribution
    Data Model
    Processing Model
    Data Storage & Indexes
    Concurrency, Latency & Throughput
    Limitations 1: Concurrency
    Limitations 2: Scalability
    Limitations 3: Resilience
    Limitations 4: Unstructured Data
    Limitations 5: Tight Coupling
    Limitations 6: License Costs
    Matrix MPP Vendors
    MPP on Hadoop

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    Data Warehousing on Distrubuted File Systems
    Why Hadoop?
    Data Distribution & HDFS
    Data Model
    Processing Model
    Data Storage & Indexes
    Concurrency, Latency, Throughput
    Hadoop Limitations
    Spark Limitations
    Trends and Innovations

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    Data Warehouse Optimization
    Limitations of Relational Databases for Data Warehousing
    What is Data Warehouse Offload?
    Data Warehouse Offload Opportunities
    Next Generation Data Warehouse Architecture
    Data Warehouse and Cloud

    See more.

    The Future of Dimensional Model and ETL
    Dimensional Modelling in the Age of Big Data
    The Future of ETL

    Streaming Architecture
    The what and why of streaming architecture
    Components and Architecture Details
    Message Brokers/Queues
    Stateless & Stateful Computations
    Delivery Semantics
    Lambda Architecture
    End to End Consistency
    Event Time & Processing Time
    Windowing. Types of Windows.
    Batch vs Realtime
    Approximate Querying
    Comparison of Streaming Engines

    See more.

    Data Lakes, Self-Service & Advanced Analytics
    The Concept of the Data Lake
    Is the Data Lake useful?
    The Concept of Data Preparation and Self-Service Analytics
    Sandbox Environments
    Next Generation Advanced Analytics Architecture
    From Big to Smart Data
    Types of advanced analytics
    Data Preparation & Science Tools

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Every second Wednesday ( 2:30PM GMT )
See calendar.




  • Introduction Sonra & Flexter
  • Walkthrough Flexter
  • Flexter Demo
  • Q&A


  • Find out more about Sonra and meet the people behind Flexter
  • Find out more about Flexter
  • Find out how Flexter works
  • How can your organization benefit from Flexter
  • See Flexter in action

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