From Big to Smart Data in 5 Simple Steps

Uli Bethke April 5, 2016

Are you the same as me? Tired of hearing buzzwords such as “mining gold in your data”, “finding valuable nuggets of information” or the ever present “actionable insights”. One of them crops up in any one of the many vendor pitches you are surely bombarded with. The hype around Big Data has reached fever pitch ...

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Vadim Mytarev March 15, 2016

Dataiku DSS and JS ( in DSS WebAPP) What is JS? is a high-level charting library, JS built on top of D3.js. It ships with 20 chart types, like a basic charts (e.g. line, bar, scatter, pie, heat maps) as well as 3D charts and SVG maps. Charts are described declaratively ...

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Data Science & Data Discovery Platforms Compared. Datameer and Dataiku DSS go head to head.

Uli Bethke February 12, 2016

Overview We recently performed an evaluation of various data science and data discovery platforms for one of our clients. We looked in detail at Dataiku Data Science Studio (DSS) and Datameer, but also did a high level evaluation of similar tools from Trifecta, Platfora, Alteryx, and others. This post focuses on a comparison of Datameer ...

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Big Data News: Convergence with Mapr and Faster Stateful Streaming Processes with Spark

Uli Bethke February 5, 2016

Mapr on Impedance Mismatch and how convergence is achieved for layered architecture along with Databricks on using the new Spark API “mapWithState” for faster Stateful Spark Streaming As our big data world comes to the end of another week, the team at Sonra have been once again impressed by the weeks highlights in big data. ...

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