Growing need for IT people with Analytical and/or Data Mining Skills

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Dispite the current economic conditions we have been enduring for the past couple of years, there is one type of IT job that is seeing an increase in demand.  This is in the area of data analytics and data mining.  In the last couple of days Accenture has announced that they are setting up a center of excellence for data ...

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI): Timestamp with local timezone and daylights saving time

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If you are you using the Oracle data type TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIMEZONE in your data warehouse, you need to be careful when you are loading data with ODI. Let's assume you have set the time_zone on your database server to UTC, which corresponds to GMT.

In such a scenario, you need to set the time_zone of your client ...

Comparing Exadata and Netezza TwinFin

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Comparison between Exadata and Netezza Twin Fin. Ok, it comes from Netezza and as such is biased, but still an interesting read. It is worthwhile to remember though that Exadata is designed for mixed workloads (OLTP and Analytics), which is a key differentiator to any of the other DW appliance vendors. Interesting posts by Curt Monash on this ...

Oracle naming conventions and coding guidelines for SQL and PL/SQL

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Reading the German database pro magazine this morning I saw that Swiss consultancy Trivadis has published a very useful document on Oracle naming conventions and Oracle coding guidelines for SQL and PL/SQL. Visit the Trivadis website for other useful stuff such as their blog and technology center.

Exploring the Oracle Data Miner Interface

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Once you have successfully installed Oracle Data Miner and established a connection you will be presented with the main ODM window with the navigator pane on the left hand side. All the tasks that you will need to do in ODM can be accessed from the Navigator pane or by the menu across the top of the window. The Navigator ...