Exploding polygons in Snowflake. KaBooom! Visualising Dublin property data in Tableau.

Dorian Beganovic May 14, 2018

Introduction In this blog post we will show the power of Snowflake UDFs to prepare data for visualisation in Tableau. We take the Irish Census Data from the Central Statistics Office of Ireland and use Snowflake to prepare the dataset for visualization in Tableau. As we have already loaded and pre-processed the Irish Census dataset ...

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Querying XML files with Tableau via Flexter

Uli Bethke November 17, 2016

Tutorial – Querying XML files with Tableau Tableau is a great visualisation tool that works with a large number of different file and data formats. One format that is not supported is data in XML files. There are some workarounds, e.g. using Excel to flatten the XML file. However, with deeply nested files or XMLs ...

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In-memory analytics with Tableau, SparkSQL, and MapR

Uli Bethke April 16, 2015

Last week Tableau released version 9.0 of their data visualisation tool. From a Big Data point of view the nicest new feature was support for querying cached (in-memory) SchemaRDDs (Data Frames as of Spark 1.3). [big_data_promotion] In this tutorial I will show you how to connect to Spark 1.2.1 on the MapR 4.1 sandbox with ...

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