Training Course | Big Data for Data Warehouse Professionals

Uli Bethke February 20, 2017

Sonra Intelligence is delighted to announce a Big Data training course for data warehouse managers, architects, and developers, and anyone who wants to know about Big Data. The traditional approach to data warehousing has served us well over the last 25 years. However, various cracks have shown up recently and we as data warehouse managers, ...

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Using ODI user functions to dynamically inject SQL into Interfaces

Maciek Kocon May 19, 2013

Get our e-books Discover the Oracle Data Integrator 11g Repository Data Model and Oracle Data Integrator Snippets and Recipes I’d like to share with you a recipe that demonstrates the power which the combination of ODI functions and Java BeanShell scripting techniques can provide. Before I do so I will briefly describe the issue we ...

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Exporting & Importing Oracle Data Miner (11gR2) Workflows

Uli Bethke July 13, 2011

As with all development environments there will be need to move your code from one schema to another or from one database to another. With Oracle Data Miner 11gR2, we have the same requirement. In our case it is not just individual procedures or packages, we have a workflow consisting of a number of nodes. ...

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Creating ODM Schemas & Repository for ODM 11g R2

Uli Bethke May 28, 2011

Before you can start using the Oracle Data Miner features that are now available in SQL Developer 3, there are a few steps you need to perform. This post will walk you through these steps and I have put together a video which goes into more detail. The video is available on my YouTube channel. ...

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