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Flexter is a distributed, secure big data solution, designed specifically to provide rapid access to complex & diverse industry-specific data for advanced reporting and analytics.

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Why choose Flexter?

Unlock your data for decision makers

More than 90% of enterprise data is locked away in complex structures or industry data standard such as:

  • - HL7 (Healthcare - patient records)
  • - HIPPA, CDISC (Life sciences - clinical trials)
  • - FixML, SWIFT, ISO20022 (Finance - payments)
  • - WITSML (Energy)
  • - OTA, NDC (Travel)
  • - DITA (Publishing)

Not forgetting custom XML, JSON, Excel/CSV and many more propietary data structures.

Gain real insights

Generating insights from this data is a largely, complex, slow, and labour intensive process. Business-critical and strategic decisions are taken without considering all of the available information simply because it’s not readily available, or it too expensive to liberate.

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Quickly generate structured data

Data formats in the enterprise are primarily designed for operational purposes to support an organisation’s business processes. They are optimised to help employees get on with their daily job. However, for the purpose of data analytics data needs to be organised into a tabular format consisting of rows and columns, i.e. structured data.

How Flexter benefits your organisation

Reduce costs

Reduce the cost of transforming complex XML structures by up to 80%.

User testing with Flexter eliminated a 120 day development project, saving 80,000 Euros in development costs and 10,000 Euros in annual maintenance costs.

Rapid processing

Flexter is extremely fast when processing data.

Using advanced algorithms and in-memory processing, user tests loading complex data files performed an astonishing 600 times faster on the same hardware when using Flexter.

Keep on track

Use Flexter to remove the risk of project failure due to unavailable data.

Data becomes available instantly without custom development or training.
Service Level Agreements are no longer missed.
Analysts and ETL developers can move away from endless lines of code - focusing on delivering real insights and value to decision makers.

Scale infinitely

Flexter handles any volume of data.

Built with a distributed compute model, it scales linearly - an important consideration in the current era of big data and exponential data growth.

Flexter is an amazing tool. It cut down my data load from hours to minutes. It gets better.
I didn’t even have to write a single line of code. I just fed Flexter my files, made some tea, and when I got back my data was ready to use in my analytics application.

How it works

Automated ETL Development

Flexter completely automates the process of parsing and processing your XML files. No coding or ETL development is needed. Its execution engine auto-populates the target schema.
XML violations against the XML Schema Defintion are handled without aborting the parse process.
Removing or adding elements in XML files is handled gracefully.
Flexter can handle multiple versions of your XSD.

Visual Schema Browsing

Use Flexter’s powerful Schema Browser to immediately gain real insights based on your optimised data structures.
Browse the XSD, the optimised target schema, and the lineage between the two.

Targeted Processing

Each input data file is loaded only once and shredded (via XPath) into its various components.
Processing can optionally occur in-memory for faster throughput.

Flexter auto-generates:

  1. A tabular output schema from XSD (normalised
    relational format).
  2. The column mappings from the XML data source
    to the target table.
  3. The table relationships of the target schema and
    their primary and foreign keys.

Schema Optimisation

Flexter ships with various optimisation algorithms. It optimises the relationships between tables, making the target schema more compact and simple.

Analyses relationships and simplifies target model.

Smart Re-use
Eliminates duplicated and redundant data points. Intelligently re-assigns data points.

Shortens target column names to a predefined length while preserving maximum meaning, e.g. due to target in RDBMS limitations (ie. oracle) while preserving maximum meaningfullness. Resolves naming conflicts.

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Flexter scales linearly with the number of CPUs and servers that are available for processing.
This is reflected in our CPU based pricing model.
The larger your data volume or the faster you want your data to be processed the more CPUs are required.

Pricing is based on an annual subscription model.


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Elevate, Re-use, Naming
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Flexter is typically installed on-site.
Use our free online version to understand what Flexter can do for you and your data.

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