UK Open Map Data

UK administrative boundaries and road network The data is organised across two themes. Administrative: This data set contains the polygons for UK administrative boundaries at different levels. It includes the…
Kristijan Berta May 8, 2023

Airport Codes

Overview Sonra has published a data set for airport codes on the Snowflake marketplace. Airport codes are used to distinguish airports around the world to ensure that there is no…
Kristijan Berta December 22, 2022

Improving performance and reducing costs with Materialised Views on Snowflake

What are Materialised Views? Materialised Views are similar to Views. A View is a logical or virtual table representing the result of a query. Each time the View is queried…
Kristijan Berta November 18, 2022

Converting Duck Creek XML to a relational database

Duck Creek makes extensive use of XML. All Policy data is locked away in XML just to give one example. XML is a great format for exchanging data and for…
Kristijan Berta October 18, 2022

How to do full text search with Snowflake, Inverted Indexes and Snowpark

Inverted Index An Inverted Index is a data structure used to support full text search over a set of documents. An inverted index is very similar to an index at…
Kristijan Berta September 19, 2022

SQL antipatterns:  SELECT DISTINCT

The DISTINCT operator The DISTINCT operator is used to eliminate duplicates in a resultset, e.g. we can use it to identify the unique number of customers who made a purchase.…
Kristijan Berta August 9, 2022