Best Practices for implementing a Data Lake on Snowflake

Uli Bethke April 20, 2022

Data lakes. An introduction Data lakes are a common and useful design pattern in modern data architecture. Contrary to a widespread belief, data lakes have been around for a long time. The designs by Ralph Kimball and Bill Inmon included the design pattern of a staging and landing area. These are the parents of the ...

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Checklist for a successful data lake implementation

Uli Bethke May 22, 2018

In two recent blog posts I have outlined Sonra’s vision for a data lake architecture. In the first one I discussed various flaws in the data lake concept. In the second, I argued that Hadoop or more precisely HDFS is a poor choice for a data lake. Let’s briefly recap the discussion. What is a ...

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Are Data Lakes Fake News?

Uli Bethke August 8, 2017

The problem with the data lake Are data lakes fake news? The quick answer is yes and in this post I will show you why. Before we get started make sure to download our checklist for a successful data lake implementation. The biggest problem I have with data lakes is that the term has been ...

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