To hell and back with ETL. The unstoppable rise of data warehouse automation.

A brief history of ETL The rise of ETL and the rise of the data warehouse are tightly coupled. It’s like the chicken and the egg. There would be no…
Kristijan Berta May 22, 2020

The future of ETL and the limitations of data virtualisation and NoETL.

Data has limited value if we don’t transform, integrate, model (either data modelling and building predictive models) or cleanse it. Collecting raw data for no apparent reason or business case…
Kristijan Berta October 11, 2018

JSON. To ETL or to NoETL? The big data question.

NoETL. The little brother of NoSQL You have probably come across the term NoSQL. It was coined a few years back to describe a class of database systems that can…
Kristijan Berta February 19, 2018

Flexter, Informatica, and Redshift work Hand in Hand to convert ESMA XML

In this walk-through, we combine two powerful software platforms to present a highly efficient and user-friendly method to perform ETL of complex XML files. This implementation uses Flexter, which is…
Anvesh Gali August 17, 2017

Guest Post: Can Database Developers do Data Mining ?

I was recently invited by Sandro Saitta, who runs the Data Mining Research blog (, to write a guest blog post for him. The topic for this guest post was…
Uli Bethke May 11, 2011

TIME dimension script Oracle

Uli Bethke October 30, 2009

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