Flexter, Informatica, and Redshift work Hand in Hand to convert ESMA XML

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In this walk-through, we combine two powerful software platforms to present a highly efficient and user-friendly method to perform ETL of complex XML files. This implementation uses Flexter, which is a powerful tool for converting complex XML files to a database or text and Informatica for ETL. We will convert ESMA XML files (these files contain the reporting specifications and ...

Big Data News: HUG Ireland’s 1st 2016 Big Data Event, Airbnb’s Predictive Model using NPS and Hive Optimization

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Hadoop User Group (HUG) Ireland packed the house with a great evening on Apache Mesos/Myriad and an overview of Airbnb’s Predictive Model After a restful holiday season, the new year kicked off in style for Hadoop User Group (HUG) Ireland with its opening 2016 event at Synchronoss on January 11th. We heard from Mary Mangru, President of DAMA Ireland about ...

Data discovery and the unfulfilled promises of self-service Business Intelligence

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Self-service BI is all about allowing business users or non-technical staff to generate insights from data. It is about to make its breakthrough in the enterprise! Happy days. Unfortunately, this has been the headline prediction for the last ten years. The hype has never really materialised. So why has self-service BI struggled so much to gain traction in the enterprise? ...

Guest Post: Can Database Developers do Data Mining ?

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I was recently invited by Sandro Saitta, who runs the Data Mining Research blog (http://www.dataminingblog.com/), to write a guest blog post for him. The topic for this guest post was Can Database Developers do Data Mining ? The original post is available at - Can Database Developers do Data Mining – Here is the main body of the post Over ...

TIME dimension script Oracle

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