How to do full text search with Snowflake, Inverted Indexes and Snowpark

Uli Bethke September 19, 2022

Inverted Index An Inverted Index is a data structure used to support full text search over a set of documents. An inverted index is very similar to an index at the end of a book. In the book index you get an alphabetically sorted list of the core keywords with a list of pages where ...

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SQL antipatterns:  SELECT DISTINCT

Uli Bethke August 9, 2022

The DISTINCT operator The DISTINCT operator is used to eliminate duplicates in a resultset, e.g. we can use it to identify the unique number of customers who made a purchase. We run the following query against the Sample Data provided with Snowflake data cloud platform. SELECT DISTINCT SS_CUSTOMER_SK from "SAMPLE_DATA"."TPCDS_SF10TCL"."STORE_SALES"; 1 SELECT DISTINCT SS_CUSTOMER_SK from ...

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Uli Bethke June 7, 2022

Overview The strategic road network (SRN) is a vital national asset, supporting economic growth, regional development, and employment opportunities across England and the rest of the UK. It connects families, communities and businesses, enriching the lives of many citizens. Billions of miles are traveled on the SRN each year. The vast majority of these are ...

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FlowHigh [Video]: Visualise, format, optimise and parse your SQL

Uli Bethke May 31, 2022

Contact us if you would like to be part of the private preview of the FlowHigh SQL revolution

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