Big Data News: Apps Development with “JSON” and an Open Source “Spark” Library for Geospatial Analysis

Uli Bethke October 23, 2015

Faster Big Data Apps Developments with Open Source JSON UI called “OJAI” and how the Spark Library “Magellan” will come to the rescue in Geo Spatial Analysis As the week moves closer to an end, the team at Sonra have been impressed with the developments reviewed, which positively reflects the direction our community is headed ...

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Self-Service Analytics in the Data Lake

fsd_admin July 23, 2015

Deriving Value from your data… We all know that decision makers and analysts need quick access to all of the structured and unstructured data in an enterprise. Typically this data is locked away in various source systems and can’t be queried from a single central location The data warehouse set out to fix this problem ...

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Window Functions (aka Analytic Functions) in Spark.

Uli Bethke July 3, 2015

As of Spark 1.4.0 we now have support for window functions (aka analytic functions) in SparkSQL. At Sonra we are heavy users of SparkSQL to handle data transformations for structured data. We also use it in combination with cached RDDs and Tableau for business intelligence and visual analytics. [big_data_promotion] Spark SQL and Window Functions: The ...

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Data Warehousing in the Age of Big Data. RDBMS Scalability, Exploding Data Volumes and License Costs.

Uli Bethke June 15, 2015

Note: There is an updated version of this post. You can download it for free. DOWNLOAD UPDATED VERSION In the first part of this series of blog posts on data warehousing in the era of big data we looked at limitations of relational databases for data warehousing. In this post I will elaborate further on the impact ...

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