Snowflake vs. Redshift – Support for Handling JSON

ANSI SQL 2016 introduced support for querying JSON data directly from SQL. This is a common use case nowadays. JSON is everywhere in web based applications, IOT, NoSQL databases, and…
Kristijan Berta June 22, 2021

Converting Trello JSON to Redshift

In this blog post we will show case Flexter, Sonra’s data warehouse automation solution for complex XML and JSON documents. We will process Trello JSON for this showcase.Flexter is a…
Kristijan Berta April 26, 2019

Why is concurrency overrated to measure performance of data warehouse platforms?

The difference between making a good and a bad decisions often comes down to the quality of the pre-defined metrics. If the metric is poor so will be the decision.When…
Kristijan Berta January 11, 2018

Comparing Window Function Features by Database Vendors

We will round off the series on window functions with comparison of what database vendors offer. There are various mutations of window functions and every vendor supports a different subset…
Jiří Mauritz September 15, 2017

Window Function ROWS and RANGE on Redshift and BigQuery

Frames in window functions allow us to operate on subsets of the partitions by breaking the partition into even smaller sequences of rows. SQL provides syntax to express very flexible…
Jiří Mauritz August 22, 2017

Redshift's Window Functions Advanced use case – Sessionization

In the last post about the Window Functions, we introduced an advanced use case, in which the window functions help to make the query more readable, simple and efficient. The…
Jiří Mauritz August 14, 2017

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